Tesla Tops Automakers BMW, Mercedes-Benz And Ferrari For Best Overall Brand Experience

Tesla just topped other automakers like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Ferrari in a 2016 Top 30 list of Best Overall Brand Experience. The report is led by top New York-based consultancy group in consumer experience, Group XP. The data used was from the world's largest brand equity database, Brands. Tesla was ranked number 20 in the overall list.

According to Inside EVs, Group XP's ranking was based on brands' performance in customer impressions, interactions, responsiveness, and resilience. Apparently, the said report is the first of its kind. Group XP also provided in-depth analysis to support the result of the ranking.

How Did Tesla Fare?

Based on Group XP's Experience Index, Tesla ranked number 20 on the overall list with an Experience Score of 116.79. This actually good enough for the American automaker. It was higher than BMW at 23 with 114.19, Mercedes-Benz at 28 with 111.98 and Ferrari at 30 with 111.70.

According to Teslarati, Tesla began as a highly-rated, luxury-valued electric car. But it has since become innovative in its market. Tesla has an Autopilot driver assistance system and the world's biggest Giga battery factory.

According to the report by Group-XP, Tesla exudes brash confidence. It is also able to be distinct from other automakers. It does not hurt that Tesla has devoted fans.

Tesla is not the only tech company in the list.

Other Brands In The List

Pampers dominates the list with a score of 149.99. It is followed by Disney, PayPal, DHL, Facebook, Apple, Google, IKEA, UPS and Visa completes the Top 10 list. Amazon and Samsung were able to make the Top 20 with scores of 119.25 and 118.55, respectively. IBM is ranked number 25 and Verizon is at number 27.

You can download the report here.

Tesla's Autopilot Issue

This is actually a good news for Tesla. The automaker has been dealing with its Autopilot driver assistance system issue. Germany is especially not on Tesla's side. The country has already sent letters to Tesla owners to warn them in using the Autopilot. It also has asked Tesla to stop using the misleading term.

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