Facebook Loses More Grip Of Its Younger Users, Falls Behind Snapchat And Instagram

Facebook is not far from reaching 2 billion users. However, this figure does not show how much the tech giant is losing in terms of its younger users. Though Facebook may be more secure that it won't really affect them.

A recent survey shows that there are a lot of older users on Facebook. Apparently, US teens prefer to use Snapchat and Instagram. The number is getting worse over time.

US Teens Favorite Social Network Is Not Facebook

A recent survey by Piper Jaffray Companies revealed that 52 percent of the 10,000 US teenagers used Facebook at least once a month this fall. It went down from 60 percent in the spring. That's contrary to Instagram and Snapchat.

The use of Instagram among teens rose from 70 to 74 percent. Snapchat reigns them all as teens use it 80 percent up from 75 percent in the same time period. Unfortunately for Facebook, it is also not the most favorite social network.

35 percent of the teens surveyed said that their favorite social network is Snapchat. Instagram was not far behind with 24 percent. Twitter and Facebook both ended with only 13 percent.

It becomes evident that older Facebook users are more loyal. However, the older a person gets the higher the risk of death. Facebook will lose these users when they eventually die. The tech company should try to attract younger users to their site.

What Facebook Can Do?

According to the Computer World, Piper Jaffray Analyst Gene Munster said that Facebook is becoming less relevant compared to Instagram and Snapchat. The preference of Instagram over Facebook does not seem to be a problem for Patrick Moor. The Moor Insights & Strategies analyst explained that Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook.

The tech company has to focus on things that will appeal to teens. ZK Analyst Zeus Kerravala suggests that Facebook should build something that teens don't already have.

Facebook's Plan To Get Four Billion More People Online

According to the MIT Technology Review, Facebook is planning to get four billion more people online. Apparently, they will be using satellites, drone and new forms of wireless connection to widen Internet access. They want it to make it much cheaper and widely available.

Facebook's Connectivity Lab will be the one responsible for that job. Yael Maguire will lead the team in the connectivity lab. He recently spoke at the EmTech MIT 2016 on Tuesday.

If Facebook can gain 4.2 billion people who are not online, then it does not have to worry about losing grip of younger users.

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