Hearthstone-Inspired Plants Vs Zombies Sequel Released

Plants vs Zombies has been one of the most entertaining arcade games since the day it was introduced. The game came with several versions as to date, from the original flower defense to a full blown third-person shooter game. Currently, the battle between flora and the undead has entered the world of collectible card game with the launch of Plants vs Zombies Heroes or also known as Hearthstone with lanes.

According to Kotaku, Plants vs Zombies Heroes is a free-to-play card game slated for both iOS and Android platforms. The game is now available on both Play Stores. This is the first game launched since Popcap' ongoing conflict on mobile devices. Plants vs Zombies Heroes gameplay is to allow players build a deck around one of 20 plant or zombie heroes, considering that each of them has a unique special ability.

The battle will be played out in lanes similar to the original Plants vs Zombies. It will require players to use different sets of strategies in order to defeat opposing individuals. Plants vs Zombies Heroes played pretty well as it received numerous positive reviews so far. The game also has a bunch of solo content for some players who would choose not to take their game online. Based on some reviews, the game reminds them of Hearthstone as it uses similar basic mechanics and crafting hero-based play.

Plants vs Zombies Heroes includes both Battle and Adventure game modes which can be played via single player or multiplayer. The game also adapts the ranking system where players can compete with other players online in a ranked match. Daily quests are also available which grant players various rewards such as roster expansion for Heroes and Sidekicks. Plants vs Zombies Heroes allows players to experience freedom in building their own strategy, experimenting on the heroes and creating powerful teammate combinations


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