Brock Lesnar Vs. Bill Goldberg: What Will Most Likely Happen When They Face Each Other At WWE 'Survivor Series'?

Brock Lesnar VS. Goldberg At "Survivor Series"
The much awaited Brock Lesnar Vs. Bill Goldberg rematch will finally happen at the "Survivor Series." Here's a run-down on what will most likely when they face off. Photo : Action Mania/Youtube

Brock Lesnar Vs. Bill Goldberg rematch is going to be set in the next "Survivor Series", and the potential impact of this historic matchup may change the WWE landscape for the next few years.

If we are going to judge from the reaction of the fans, Bill Goldberg's return last Monday night at Raw was quite electric. And it spilled over to various social media and news outlet in the following hours after the episode aired.

The first thing we will notice is this is probably the biggest announcement WWE has to offer the fans in the last few years. Granted, that the WWE seems to be moving on by putting over the next batch of younger and charismatic pro wrestlers. Tossing in a match between Brock Lesnar Vs. Bill Goldberg, two wrestlers who come from different golden eras of pro wrestling, kind off jolts the brand that is in a transition.

Putting the match at "Survivor Series" makes financial sense for WWE. The event has lost its luster as seen by its pay-per-view buys and is in dire need for some good storylines. Putting Brock Lesnar Vs. Bill Goldberg in it will give the once marquee event a much-needed push to return to its former glory, at least for a year.

As for the match itself, it's hard to see Brock Lesnar not winning this one, the WWE is better off letting one of its current stars getting the major win. Goldberg has alluded that this will just be a one-time thing and might take the split between him and Lesnar. But truth be told, I find it hard to believe that this thing won't spill into a trilogy, culminating at a major event in 2017.

Especially now that the Undertaker is looking less and less likely to ever return for a WWE bout, the company might be giving Goldberg as a consolation price for that to the fans.

Expect Brock and Goldberg to do some back and forth in the upcoming Raw episodes. Maybe a little bit of backstage brawling and more name calling. The ratings for the last night's Raw episode was through the roof and expect WWE to milk that until "Survivor Series".

As for the match itself, I am pretty sure that it will be better than the last time these two giants met in a wrestling match. Not because this second match will be so great but because the first match set the bar too low. The last time they met is at "Wrestlemania XX" and it certainly looked like two men just standing around taking turns to body slam one another. It was not a pretty sight, the fans were booing all night as they knew the two were about to leave pro wrestling and they knew they were witnessing an uninspired match.

Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg are two of the largest athletic specimens that the wrestling world has ever seen. And it should provide for at least a decent enough bout to match its hype when "Survivor Series" airs at November in Toronto.

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