OnePlus 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Rumor Versus Rumor

The OnePlus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are two of the most awaited phones bound for 2017. While both OnePlus and Samsung have not shared details about the two phones, rumor has it that these two devices are already in progress. In fact, a bunch of rumors about the OnePlus 4 and Galaxy S8 has already circulated online. Right now, fans' excitement roots from the competition between these two Androids. OnePlus phones are known for their powerful specs and affordable price while Samsung S phones are known for their high-end build and top notch features. So which one will be the better Android?

OnePlus 4 Rumors

OnePlus is still mum on the matters concerning the OnePlus 4. However, the company isn't really difficult to predict when it comes to their flagship. Every OnePlus fan knows that the company's main goal is to improve over their uber-powerful predecessor while maintaining a minimal cost. With that said, the OnePlus 4 is once again expected to release an affordable phone, around $400 to be more specific.

The phone is also expected to carry some of the most major improvements fans can see in an Android phone. Rumor has it that the OnePlus 4 could come with 4000 mAh battery, 21 or 23 MP rear camera, Snapdragon 830 processor, and 8 GB RAM. Furthermore, the company might also improve OnePlus 4's display and have it sport a Quad HD resolution.

Needless to say, these rumors are still unconfirmed and they could be a mixture of prediction and expectations. One thing's sure though, the OnePlus 4 won't be smaller than 5.5-inch in size. OnePlus has already said that they won't be producing a smartphone smaller than that. Their main reason for this is that smaller phones won't be able to cater to bigger batteries.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors

Samsung might be quite busy cleaning up the Note 7 mess, but there's probably no way they'll take the S8 for granted. In fact, this phone might as well be their saving grace now that their name has been slightly damaged. According to a collection of rumors online, the Galaxy S8 could come in two variants - one 5.1-inch and one 5.5-inch.

Furthermore, unlike the past Samsung S models, the Galaxy S8 variants could both sport curved screens, Forbes reported. Also, like most of 2016's flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy S8 could also make use of a dual camera system. On top of that, the company might take advantage of their recent purchase - the Viv AI. This AI firm is actually known for creating Apple's Siri, CNBC reported.

As for the internal specs, the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be powered by Snapdragon 830. However, an Exynos 8895 variant could also be produced. There was also a rumor saying that the Galaxy S8 would be using the Mali G71 GPU, making it quite a good gaming and VR phone. Needless to say, these details are still in the rumor stage and still unconfirmed.

OnePlus 4 VS Samsung Galaxy S8 Conclusions

Fans have a reason to be excited for both of these phones. Even though the OnePlus 4 and the Galaxy S8 are both Android phones, they cater to different markets. The OnePlus 4 is every budget-phone lover's dream while the Galaxy S8 would appeal more to those looking for a high-end premium phone.

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