Clash Royale News: Upcoming October Card Update Gets Mixed Reception

Clash Royale will have some Card balancing update on Oct. 20. Some players welcomed the change while others prefer the current gameplay.

Clash Royale: Card Changes

Giant Hitpoints will be 5 percent weaker after the October update takes effect. Poison will no longer have the slow effect but will retain its damage against enemy soldiers. Players who combine giant and poison give too much advantage to the wielder, according to Clash Royale developer Supercell.

Clash Royale players will soon need to pay six Elixirs from the previous five if they want to get the Elixir Collector Card. The developer justified the increase to force player to think twice before using the card. The Lifetime however, will add ten seconds more to the card wielder.

Meanwhile, The Log is now more lethal as the damage it inflicts has been increased by nine percent and it has also given a longer reach. This can be a viable counter for the Skeleton Army who will be nerfed in upcoming update. Raising a skeleton army will now be cheaper since it requires only three Elixirs. However, can only summoned 16 skeletons instead of the usual 21.

The Ice Golem is a new card in Clash Royale. Just like its Golem counterpart it could inflict any damages to flying units. But the October update will fix that disadvantage. Both the Golem and Ice Golem will soon be able to deal damages to flying enemies. The cost for the Golem remains unchanged at 8 Elixirs each.

Clash Royale: Monthly Balance Change

Supercell through its Reddit post announced that there will be Clash Royale monthly updates. The changes are to make sure that the game is balanced for all players. The developer noted popularity of the Giant and Poison combo which is probably why the two cards received a minor nerf. Clash Royale players will no doubt find other card combos after the update is implemented.

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