Clash Of Clans Halloween Update To Allow Mining Gold From Wrecked Ships?

Leaked information about Halloween theme for Clash of Clans has been circulating in the gaming world. Another rumor is that there will be new decorations and shipwrecks on the newest update of the game, but the most intriguing part of the update will be the less powerful miners.

What To Expect From Clash Of Clans Halloween Update

Images of wrecked ships that has surfaced on the internet are rumored part of the Clash of Clans Halloween update that will bring gold if the players will repair them. Nothing is certain unless Supercell addresses the rumors regarding the soon to be part of the game. Players are very curious because ships have not played a major role on COC, according to International Business Times.

Players believe that Supercell is trying to put Boom Beach submarine on Clash of Clans, but the ships on the pictures are not similar with battleships. More so, the update should be about Halloween decorations and designs for the player's village based on the upcoming event.

Clash Of Clans Halloween Update Release Date

The expected arrival date of COC's update based on Halloween theme will be last week of October, just before Halloween kicks off. The update will not consist of bug fixes, but only additional details and items that will complement with the event. Creatures such as skeleton and ghouls might be the focus of the one-day event that is celebrated around the world.

Meanwhile, the October update is about how miners are nerfed, according to HNGN. Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans made some unnoticeable changes on the miners. If miners will be compared with their past versions, they appear to be weaker than before. Fans are getting upset with this because they want miners to become stronger rather than to be weak.

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