Nintendo NX Trailer Arrives, Offically Called Switch

Nintendo NX has just been revealed, but it will be officially called Switch. This disperses rumors about NX or Duo being the console's final name.

After several months, Nintendo has finally unveiled their next-generation console previously known as Nintendo NX. The reveal trailer was sort of a surprise as Nintendo has kept quiet up to Wednesday when the company announced via Twitter that the console will be officially unveiled to the world today.

All The Possibilities With Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch can be seen in the three-minute trailer, seen below, that offers a look into the capabilities of the new console. The video did not revolve much around its technical specifications and focused instead on how it can be easily integrated into the everyday life.

It confirms the most important feature: the 2-in-1 system wherein players can connect it to the television via a dock and can also take it out with them and continue playing the game outside. As seen in the trailer, Nintendo Switch automatically "switches" to portable mode once the two Joy-Con controllers are connected on each end of the screen and taken out of the dock.

Gamers can simply continue the game outside while walking the dog, while meeting out with friends or while in a long flight. Anyone can also join in on the fun as the two controllers, which are usually used as one, can be separately used.

Nintendo Switch Specs, Features

There are also multiplayer aspects shown. Friends can go out and play a two on two basketball game with two Nintendo Switch consoles. By the looks of it, Nintendo's next bet in the console race is proving to be promising.

However, there are still many questions left unanswered. Its power, capacity, battery life and more have yet to be revealed. Nevertheless, fans are happy that they finally got to see a glimpse of what is in store for them.

Nintendo Switch will officially launch in March 2017 as previous rumors have suggested.

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