Honda WGN Modulo X Spec Revealed: Is This The Carmaker's Best Minivan Yet?

The Honda Step WGN has been roaming the streets of Japan since its release in 1996. Being able to accommodate up to 8 persons, which is 1 more passenger in addition to what the Odyssey can fit, has been a choice for Japanese families since the 90s. Now the Step WGN joins the ranks of Honda's modified cars with the Modulo X badge.

A sportier and more aggressive look is now introduced in the WGN. The minivan is now packed with functional aero kits that include a new front bumper and a rear diffuser. A new set of hood, grille and headlights are also added to the new version.

The minivan is also fitted with a unique set of alloys and has been dropped by half an inch more than its non-Modulo version. Leather controls, a redone interior with special upholstery, and a nine-inch navigation screen can be found inside.

The WGN features a Waku Waku gate at the back that either opens up or to the side, making it easier to get in and out or to load and unload the cargo. The spacious passenger space also features three versatile modes, namely, Luggage mode, Access mode, or relax mode, that the occupants can freely choose depending on their traveling needs.

Traveling in minivans has always been a drag for almost everyone. Not anymore, as the WGN Modulo X hides a 1.5-liter VTEC turbo engine under the hood. The driver will surely enjoy cruising the highways and expressways as the van changes the perception of a slow minivan, to a fast powerful machine.

Partnered with Hondas continuously variable transmission, trips will definitely be smooth and comfortable for all occupants. The Honda Step WGN Modulo, equipped with functional aero and a turbo VTEC engine, will definitely change how road users look at minivans.

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