WWE News: HHH Will Return And Spoil Seth Rollins Championship Match At Survivor Series?

If WWE creative wants to have a five star match in an instant, they should book HHH vs Seth Rollins already. Both of them are great when it comes to in ring artistry and undeniable mic skills.

Long before the epic rivalry started, Triple H took Seth Rollins under his wings and made him the face of WWE. Triple H stand side by side with Rollins to capture the brass knuckles and did everything they could to retain his title. Seth Rollins who betrayed his Shield brothers, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns thought he's already safe.

He even had his own security group called J&J which was enforced by The Authority, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Ever since Rollins drop the title due to a gruesome injury, it seems that Triple H is no longer interested with the "Crossfit Jesus". Frustrations loomed in when Seth Rollins was defeated by the newly crowned champion Finn Balor in Summerslam which injured Balor in the process.

Two weeks after Balor relinquished the title due to a shoulder injury. Seth Rollins was on the title picture again, as he is qualified for the fatal four way match against, Big Cass, Roman Reigns and Kevins Owens to determine the new WWE Universal Champion. Throughout the match, it showed that Rollins was in full control and destined to be the new WWE Universal Champion.

But the unexpected happened and it shook the WWE Universe. The Cerebral Assassin appeared from the crowd and pedigreed Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins assumed that Triple H will do the same thing to Kevin Owens but it didn't happen. The Game hit the pedigree on Seth Rollins pinning him 1, 2, 3, which makes Kevin Owens the new WWE Universal Champion.

Rollins haven't had his retribution yet against The Game himself. But just merely checking how the storyline goes, Triple H will make its presence felt in Survivor Series. So for WWE, what are you waiting for? HHH vs Seth Rollins, book it.

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