‘Outlander’ Season 3 Will See Jamie And Claire’s Forbidding Reunion; Deleted Emotional Scenes Of The Couple Angered Fans

Ronald D. Moore’s “Outlander” is hard at work in the upcoming release of the time travel series’ third season. Major changes are expected to be seen considering that the ongoing production teases powerful dramatic scenes.

'Outlander' Season 3 Will See Jamie And Claire’s Forbidding Reunion

Main characters Jamie and Claire will reunite in the new season of the famous show "Outlander" Season 3 and the much-awaited meeting of the couple are set to be emotional. Claire will be pregnant with Jaime's child while she stays with her husband, Frank. She is used to living a life with Jaime’s demise but will be shocked upon learning that Jamie survived the Battle of Culloden. Considering her sensitive pregnancy, life will be tough for her as she yearns to see Jaime.

It looks like a heart-tugging union of the duo will change the course of their relationship. Will there be a rekindled romance between the two?

Leaked Emotional Scenes of Jamie & Claire Turned Fans’ Excitement To Dismay

Indeed, modifications have already been applied to Starz’s famous show. A previous report noted that the opening scene of the latest season was changed and was agreed by both the showrunner and the novel’s author Diana Gabaldon.

While the writer started the book “Voyager” with an amnesiac Jamie who cannot recall the events that took place in the battle, the series drama commences with a fight between Jamie and Black Jack Randall.

In addition to this surprising alteration comes a striking emotional scene from the seventh episode of Outlander Season 2 titled “Faith” which didn’t make the final cut. The said video showed Claire’s painful reminiscing of her daughter’s devastating loss.

“I did not only lose a baby, I also lost a life time with someone I loved before I ever met them,” says an emotional Claire.

Jamie was seen begging to Claire to help her survive the tragedy by allowing him to assist her in any way possible which Claire agreed. This could have been an interesting scene that no “Outlander” fan would surely miss. In fact, their avid supporters took to social media in expressing their reaction to the scene that was deleted.

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