Why Tom Clancy's The Division Players Should Be Excited With Update 1.4

After a couple of hiccups and whatnots, it seems Tom Clancy's The Division update 1.4 is ready to be unleashed. Ubisoft has finally revealed its plans to release the said update following the rigorous work they've done in the PTS (Public Test Server). Moreover, one of the biggest changes fans should be looking forward to is the introduction of World Tiers. Here's why players should be stoked with the aforesaid update.

During its initial release, Tom Clancy's The Division became an easy favorite. The title, in just a couple of weeks or so, reaped sales after sales. Unfortunately, as each calendar day passes by, it's slowly becoming a victim of glitches, bugs and issues. Hence, most fans were starting to worry about its future.

In hopes to remedy the crisis that Tom Clancy's The Division is experiencing, Ubisoft has decided to form a team (Elite Task Force), which mostly involve people from the community. The studio also opted to release the so-called Public Test Server, giving PC players access to any forthcoming contents and/or features. Obviously, it's the developers' way of knowing which stuff works or not.

Fast forward to today, following the recently concluded Tom Clancy's The Division State of the Game, the video game company has announced the upcoming arrival of update 1.4. The latter is reportedly good to go and is scheduled for release on all platforms come October 25. It's worth noting that the said update is developed based on the feedback and suggestions Ubisoft got from its month of testing.

According to GameRant, one of the biggest changes happening to Tom Clancy's The Division is the coming of World Tiers. This system, in its most organic form, allows players to change the difficulty in their respective world. And take note: this change can be done globally. That way, they can effectively match their gear score while finding a better loot -- something that's way closer to their current level.

The aforementioned Tom Clancy's The Division also fixes the progression system, particularly for players whose level is at 30. Heck, it even attempts to make -- not totally, but slightly -- the game far from being a frustration, as it provides activities appropriately designed for each level. But of course, update 1.4 is more than these changes - it's way beyond that.

By the looks of it, it seems Tom Clancy's The Division is shaping to become a better game than it was before. And as soon as update 1.4 arrives, chances are, it's going to reclaim its former glory. The changes and whatnots that Ubisoft promised are really interesting and worth the wait.

What are your thoughts on Tom Clancy's The Division update 1.4? What are your expectations? So far, based on the info Ubisoft released, are you satisfied with the upcoming changes or features? Share us what you think at the comment section below!

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