Samsung Galaxy S8 Latest News: Next Flagship To Sport Features Meant For The Note 7

Samsung has already said that they are planning to compensate the suppliers who have been affected by their recent recall. Recent reports rooting from the company's home country suggest that because of this, Samsung will be equipping their next flagship with an iris scanner and a dual cam system. It's worth mentioning that the iris scanner is one of Note 7's key feature and the dual camera system is one of the most popular features of this year's flagship phones.

Samsung Galaxy S8 News

In Samsung's alleged goal of compensating its suppliers, the company might be including a dual cam system on the Galaxy S8. This, of course, is to improve its supplier sales. While the company may not have confirmed this rumored S8 plan, it isn't a very impossible thing to happen. Korea Herald says that an unnamed official from one of the company's suppliers has implied the possibility of this plan.

The said official pointed out that Samsung always upgrades its flagship's camera year after year, so a major camera improvement for the Galaxy S8 isn't exactly farfetched. It's worth mentioning that dual camera systems have already become mainstream for smartphones this year. Apple and LG's 2016 phones boast of this camera feature. This means that with or without the intention to assist anyone's revenue, there's still a good chance that Samsung will equip the Galaxy S8 with such a feature. As for the iris scanner, it's clearly a move to compensate the company's suppliers.

Samsung's Recovery After Recall

The total discontinuation of Samsung's 2016 phablet marks the company's decision to stop fixing the faulty phone and start doing damage control, and apparently, a part of this involves compensating suppliers. With Samsung's alleged plan to use Note 7's suppliers for the Galaxy S8, a number of companies will be benefitting. According to GSM Arena, Samsung's list of suppliers includes Sekonix, which supplies the camera lenses; Kolen, which supplies the scanner lenses; and Partron and MCNEX which works on the phones' iris scanner sensors.

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