Who's Saving Samsung? Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy C9 Or Galaxy S8

Who's Saving Samsung? Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy C9 Or Galaxy S8
Samsung's name might have been slightly damaged, but the company is still expected to release new phones soon. Photo : Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

Samsung might have faced every smartphone company's worst nightmare but it doesn't mean that its journey ends there. In fact, it is undeniable how much Samsung has "manned up" during the entire recall process. The company faced the problem without hesitations and made decisions based on rational judgments. Nevertheless, it also doesn't mean that the company is done facing damages. Actually, the worst may be yet to come.

As of now, it's still hard to determine the extent of damage the recall has given to Samsung and how long it will affect the company's reputation. Nonetheless, it looks like Samsung is also doing its best to control the issue and to redeem itself from the losses. The imminent release of its upcoming products is also a big hope for the company. However, the question right now is which among the three anticipated Samsung devices will save the company from all the damage.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Expected To Be Released On-time

Recent reports suggest that Samsung won't be changing the release date of the Galaxy S8. It would still get a February or March release. GSM Arena said that just like the Note 7, the Galaxy S8 could also come with an iris scanner, and just like the iPhone 7 Plus and LG V20, the S8 could also come with a dual camera system. Needless to say, it's quite obvious that Samsung might be prettifying the S8 to make up for the damage caused by the Note 7. Whether or not the Galaxy S8 could replace the Note 7, it's still hard to tell. There are quite a number of Note 7 users who think that the S series won't be a good Note 7 replacement.

It's clear that as of now, the S8 is Samsung's most viable redemption for the Note 7 fiasco. For one, the S series' reputation is still squeaky clean. Also, the Galaxy S8 is roughly four months away from being launched, which means that it is Samsung's nearest opportunity to right all their wrongs. Whether or not the company will succeed in offering the Galaxy S8 as a token of apology, it might be too early to judge.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Might Be Released This Year

The Galaxy C9 is still in its rumor-phase. However, its recent certifications and spotted listings prove that it could actually be launched very soon. It might not be a flagship device but it sure does come with some competitive specs. According to its rumored specs sheet, the C9 could come with 6 GB RAM and Snapdragon 652 chipset.

The said phone is actually not as premium as the Note phablets but it could be Samsung's subtle suggestion for a Note 7 alternative. It is expected to carry a price tag that's less expensive than the S7 and Note 7. This actually implies that it could be a great alternative to the discontinued phablet, at least until a new Samsung flagship comes out. It's worth noting that the Galaxy C9 is also expected to sport a phablet-sized body of around 6 inches.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8's Launch Is Still Uncertain

As of now, it's still uncertain if we'll be seeing a Galaxy Note 8 next year or not. There was news saying that Samsung will no longer release the Note 8. In fact, there was also news saying that the Note series will be demolished altogether. It was said that the company could just be focusing on one flagship next year which is the Galaxy S8, Techno Buffalo reported.

Nevertheless, it's still possible for Samsung to decide on this after seeing S8's sales. Besides, the Note 8 won't be due for a launch until August, so Samsung can buy more time before they decide on Note 8's fate. It's worth mentioning though that many Note 7 users believe that the Note series does not deserve a total discontinuation. A large number of Note fans take the Note 7 situation as an isolated case and they believe that totally removing the Note series from the market will deprive consumers of a good phablet.

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