Pokemon GO News: Pokemon Nests Migrating Again Except For Some

Pokemon GO nests have been reported to be changing again. If the reports are true, this will be the fifth migration since the game was launched last July.

Pokemon GO Migration - When Did It Happen?

The Pokemon GO nests migration was reported to have started October 20. But the migration was only confirmed recently. Pokemon GO players are using various social forums such as Reddit to report their observation about the ongoing Pokemon GO nests changes.

Pokemon Go Players' Reaction To The Current Nests Migration

A number of Pokemon Go players were delighted about the nests migration especially if the old nests are producing new and powerful Pokemon. Others were dismayed to find out the new Pokemon are not to their liking. Nevertheless, the migration is here to stay in the game. Players can expect the migration to happen once even twice a month unless Niantic changes it.

Pokemon GO Nests Migration Did Not Affect Dratini Nests

Pokemon GO observers noticed that many of the Dratini nests seemed to have been left out from the current migration. No official explanation has been given as to why the Dratini are exempted this time. Some of the Pokemon GO nests changes have already been confirmed. For example, a Bulbasaur nest is now a Pikachu one. Nests producing Charmander have been changed to Bulbasaur, according to PokemonGOHub.

Pokemon GO At The Moment

The current migration seems to be a welcome relief after a series of bad publicity that hounded Niantic in recent weeks. The developer received criticisms after it disabled many popular third party trackers from the game. Critics charged that Niantic should have repaired the in-game tracker to remove the reliance players placed on third party trackers. One of the app developers wrote a scathing open letter against the Pokemon GO developer. Hopefully, players will be pacified by the upcoming new tracker that is currently under testing.

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