Pornhub Videos Compatible With Playstation VR: Men's Alone Time Reaches New Level

Back in the day, VHS was the popular way of watching porn, but it was very hard for teens because you needed a TV, VHS player and privacy (which was needed to be planned in advance and flawlessly). But then came portable players, which were easier to handle compared to VHS, but were too bulky and you needed CDs or DVDs.

Next came were the smartphones. Now this made things very easy, but it lacked the "theater" experience. Now, a new platform has come and it's Pornhub's 360-degree videos being able to be watched using the latest that technology can offer - virtual reality, specifically, the Sony PlayStation VR.

According to Venture Beat, Pornhub has officially revealed to Gamebeats that its VR category is now compatible with the PSVR head-mounted display. However, there are still things that need to be tweaked and changed about it for people to access it due to its nature of content and its revolutionary way of making our "alone" time more pleasurable.

Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub, was genuinely sorry to point out that the new feature requires a lot more forethought for people to put into their alone time. He also added that his company is encouraging Sony to adopt the WebVR standard into their browser in order to make streaming in VR as seamless as possible, and believes that in doing this it will further increase views on the VR category.

According to PSU, the feature of porn being accessible at the PlayStation is a brilliant idea to maximize their profits. It is believed that if Sony won't support porn, it could go the same way as the Betamax tape. So in Sony's case, it is best to allow a fully-fledged PlayStation VR porn app, and Pornhub is certainly ready to greet PlayStation VR owners with open arms, in more ways than one.

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