Strange Science News: 62-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Third Child Through C-Section

By Sai , Oct 21, 2016 04:29 PM EDT

Just when you thought a 50-year-old woman can no longer bear a child, think again. More than you're expecting, a 62-year old woman from Spain has recently just given birth to a healthy baby girl via Caesarean section. Lina Alvarez, from Madrid Spain, who is a doctor herself, even encourages other women in their late years to follow what she has done if they would like to.

In one of her interviews, Alvarez shares that she feels very grateful, and considers what happened to her as a precious gift. As per CBS News, it was found that Alvarez has 2 children prior to giving birth to her latest child. Her first child, now 27, was born with a cerebral palsy condition and her second child who is now 10 years old.

It was said that on her second and third pregnancies, Alvarez had chosen the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) method which has been turned down by many clinics and hospitals at first, due to her old age. Fox News revealed that Alvarez has additionally claimed that women in their late years shouldn't be afraid of doing the same thing.

If they know that they are still well enough to have babies and just let nature decide, rather than putting into the hands of gynecologists. At that age, although extremely rare, childbearing is not a new case according to previous records.

There was even a woman in India who is in her 70s but was still able to give birth last spring and it's also because of the IVF treatment. Last year in Germany, a 65-year old grandmother gave birth to quadruplets. The CDC reports that in the US alone, about 600 women in a year have a baby at the age of 50 or even older.

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