Jane The Virgin Season 3 Spoilers: Rafael And Jane’s Parenting To Be Put On Test

Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) didn't get an happy ending she always desired. "Jane the Virgin" Season 3 opened with Michael (Brett Dier) in the infirmary and under a coma next after a shooting that made a mark to viewers worldwide at the end of the prior season. Although Michael survived his operation, his life is still in jeopardy.

Series producer Jennie Urman lately uncovered in an interview with TVLine that Michael still in the next episode however, in a bad state in "Jane the Virgin" Season 3. "The healing and recovery from such a harrowing occurence is something we continue ahead [to play]," Urman said.

What transpired here is Michael will also have a lasting effect on his life as it remains to be seen if he can still report to keep the work. What's certain is that Michael's mishap will take him "in a new direction."

There had been speculations that Michael will not live long and Jane will be left all dejected in "Jane the Virgin" Season 3 Episode, giving another chance to the Jane and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) sailing. But it turns out Michael will be around for a while and will make a move with Jane and to her parents, per Urman. "I liked the idea of a newlywed having to live with her mom and grandma. Their relationship doesn't have the traditional newlywed takeoff," the creator said.

As for the love triangle, Urman said it is something that fans should not anticipate anymore. It is expected that Rafael will admit that he is completely over Jane. It seems even the creator of the show is sick with the love triangle.

As Rodriguez, previously opened up in an interview, "Jane the Virgin" Season 3 will deal with even bigger landscapes in life that will force Jane to become mature. "The writers are going to great lengths to have Jane grow up. There's growing pains," the actress told AOL. Catch more of the life-learning in "Jane the Virgin" Season 3, Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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