Intel Sets Restrictions On John McAfee's Trademark Rights To His Own Name

Leading chip-making company Intel Corporation is enforcing its trademark rights against the controversial entrepreneur and cybersecurity pioneer John McAfee, after the latter used his name in a way that the company believes could confuse or deceive consumers or dilute the brand. Intel explained that he can use his personal name in connection with his business, but not as a trademark.

Intel Doesn't Want Anyone To Be Confused

According to PC World, the problem began when McAfee teamed with MGTM Capital Investments, who announced that it is in the process of buying an important portfolio of cybersecurity technologies. The company wanted to take advantage of his famous name and they made another announcement, in which they explained the plan to change theirs to "John McAfee Global Technologies, Inc", and put the maverick entrepreneur in charge.

Given this situation, Intel is arguing that another company using John McAfee´s name for any kind of cybersecurity product, could lead the public to assume the come from the Intel´s famous MCAFEE brand. Also, the chip leading maker company sent a letter to MGT telling that it would take legal actions if its name is changed "to one that includes the MCAFEE trademark or otherwise use the MCAFEE name as a trademark."

John McAfee Stands Firm

Far from not doing anything, both MGT and the cybersecurity pioneer filed a suit in the New York court looked for a judgment declaring that the use of McAfee name didn't infringe Intel´s trademark rights. In the filing, the controversial character claimed that he had entered in 1991 into an agreement with McAfee Associates to transfer some assets to it in exchange for stock and a promissory note, but he never assigned anything that restricts his right to establish any business using his name.

Without knowing it, both companies have entered into a very interest legal brawl that doesn't appear to end in the near future. According to the Bench Mark Monitor, Intel traded $25.65 million shares on its last trading day, and was closed at $35.43 per share. Its stock monthly performance is recorded as -5-39 percent, while its performance in the last week is -4.17 percent.

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