IPhone 7 Problems: Why Yours Seems To Be Different Than Other Units

The craze on who has a faster and a better performing iPhone 7 has started. Many iPhone 7 owners are clamoring because of the recent reports of some units working faster and performing better than other similar units. Issues on signal quality and strength when making calls have also surfaced and apparently, the reason for this stems from a difference in who manufactured the device's modem.

Over the years, Qualcomm has been Apple's modem supplier. However, due to the demand of the iconic and much-awaited unit, they decided to source two baseband suppliers instead of one. This is to reduce the burden on the former exclusive supplier, Qualcomm and to make sure that everything will be prepared on time for Apple's first major design release date, according to EThe Express.

Having two suppliers may seem like a great thing, but a recent report from Cellular Insights stated that one company is able to deliver a better performance than the other. It seems that the Qualcomm version of the modem is 30 percent faster than the other. The source explains that in ideal settings, the performance among all models should be the same except when the signal is affected, weaker. And as of the moment, the tech giant can't do anything about it so users would have to stay updated on Apple's next step.

A trick to find out whether the purchased iPhone 7 has an Intel or Qualcomm modem is by looking at its model number. This can be found on the back of the unit, the box or a hardware information app. A model number with A1778 and A1784 indicates an Intel-manufactured chip while A1660 and A1661 tells that it has a Qualcomm-made modem. Sadly, Cellular Insights' research found that even the iPhone 6s plus is a better in terms of performance than Apple's newest flagship.

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