Skyrim Remastered Update: Official Trailer Is Out; PS4 Mods Limited To 1GB?

Looks like the Skyrim Remastered hype is going strong as each day passes by. Well, it should be, most especially with the release of the game's official trailer. And yes, it really looks interesting -- from its graphics down to its gameplay. This will surely excite every fan of the forthcoming title. Meanwhile, it seems that PS4 mods will indeed be limited to 1GB only.

According to GameSpot, Bethesda has finally released the official trailer of Skyrim Remastered. The game is set to hit the shelves come October 28 for all platforms, with PC players getting the special edition for free (as long as they have the base game). The said video came following a recent release of the title's new gameplay footage.

The aforementioned Skyrim Remastered trailer showcases the game's graphic improvements from PS3 all the way to PS4 and Xbox One. And by the looks of it, it's definitely a great remaster. From the tiny bit of details all the way to the complex ones, they're pretty much well achieved.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, Skyrim Remastered has just obtained the gold status. For any gaming titles, this means a lot -- especially for the expecting fans out there. This is only confirms that the game won't be experiencing any delay and that the official release date is the final release window.

In related Skyrim Remastered news, it's worth noting that the mod limits of the game to both PS4 and Xbox One have been revealed. Previously, the limit for Microsoft's console was around 2GB, but was moved to 5GB. This could simply be a result of Bethesda's request to increase it.

Sadly for Skyrim Remastered modders on PS4, the limit is just quite small. As of this writing, as what the official reports suggest, players will be limited to a modding data of only 1GB. However, the studio's very own Pete Hines pointed out that the size should be enough, considering the fact that the feature won't involve any external assets.

What are your thoughts on Skyrim Remastered? Are you also excited for the upcoming title? What are your take on the mods' limit on PS4? And oh, don't forget the check the trailer below and share with us your thoughts at the comment section!

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