Infiniti Q60 Included In Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

The 90th edition of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book includes the 2017 Infiniti Q60.

The Christmas Book is a much-awaited holiday list every year. It includes a Fantasy Gifts section where the luxury vehicle from Nissan, Japan's number one automaker, is listed.

A report says the company will be listing a Q60 Red Sport 400 given a gold "Solar Mica" finish and with impressive features such as Gallery White leather seats, silver Optic Fiber interior trims, carbon fiber vents, mirror caps, a rear spoiler, fog-light finishers, and a rear spoiler.

A USA Today review of the luxury coupe highlighted some of its features which include a 208-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine that goes 25 miles per gallon. Another version of the Q60 uses a 3-liter twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine. The latter comes in two horsepower settings - 300 and 400. Basically, there are three versions of the Infiniti Q60.

Neiman Marcus is a popular luxury department store founded in 1907. It currently has 42 branches all over the United States. In 1939, the company started releasing an annual 16-page Christmas catalog which features items that were unusual. Some of those listed in the catalog were not even sold in their stores. In 1952, The Christmas Book was introduced. The famous book contained gifts that were more figments of the imagination than actual items you can buy. It all started with a live Black Angus bull with a sterling silver barbecue cart worth $1,925.

Other mind-bending gifts listed in the book were mummy cases with actual mummies inside, a private slumber party at the company's flagship store, and a one-week stay at three English estates for $700,000.

Some gifts featured were actually possible if the buyer is a billionaire. These include a $35-million Boeing Business Jet, a submarine worth $20 million, and a $1.5 million rose gold-colored Cobalt Valkyrie-X plane. The $63,000 Neiman Marcus limited Infiniti Q60 is definitely a possibility for the rich.

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