10 Ways To Slow Down Battery Drain On Your Mobile Device

By Staff Reporter , Nov 15, 2012 09:57 AM EST

Device manufacturers make some really spectacular phones and tablets, but the biggest universal complaint is poor battery life. The latest features like big LCD screens and 4G connectivity drain batteries fast. The more technology we demand, the worse the problem gets.

Here are a few ways you can squeeze a little more life out of your batteries:

1. Large LCD screens are one of the biggest power consumers. Turn down the LCD brightness in your phone's setting below 50%.

2. It doesn't matter if they're running in the background or right in front of you, apps use power. If you don't use apps that power up automatically, turn them off. If you're done with an app, close it. Apple devices don't run apps non-stop in the background when they're not being used.

3. Turn off features you don't use. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS are some of the biggest battery burdens - they are always cruising for connections, networks, or information.

4. If you're at home or in a coffee shop and don't need the Wi-Fi, turn it off.

5. Batteries last longer when they're kept cool and out of direct sunlight. It doesn't matter if you're using a phone, tablet or computer, heat is the enemy of all batteries.

6. Set your device for standby mode in as short a time as possible. Turning off the screen is even better.

7. Phones all use push notifications for services like email or weather updates to tell you when things are happening. The phone has to constantly go to work which uses juice. Turn these push notifications off and go get your data manually or in less frequent intervals.

8. Having your phone on both ring and vibrate doubles the power use. Turn off one or the other if possible.

9. If you're in an area with a weak 4G signal, turn the 4G off and go with 3G to extend the battery life. If your phone is out there looking for a signal, it's using battery power.

10. The most obvious action to conserve the battery is to shut it down. If you don't need network connections, switch the phone to airplane mode. On most devices, airplane mode will turn the cellular and data radio off, but leave Wi-Fi access on.

Manufacturers are in search of the battery life Holy Grail. In the meantime, carry a spare battery or charger with you. Best of luck finding outlets on your journey.

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