LG G6 Specs, Rumors: Next Flagship To Drop Modular Feature?

LG may ditch modular design with the upcoming G6 phone due to the disappointing sales of the G5. The Korean tech firm is going back to regular and integrated design for its flagship next year after its modular experiment failed to make a mark in the market.

Saving G6 from G5's Failure

Aside from the botched sales of the LG G5, the modular design of the device was not doing very well and many smartphone users are not really fans of modular handsets.

It can be remembered that last September, Google killed its modular device experiment, Project Ara, a decision that LG is rumored to follow also.

A report from The Verge (via Electronic Times), talks about LG's comprehension on the impracticality, intricacy and even the cost of buying and swapping of modules in its first modular handset that is the G5. This time, the Korean company is considering to rest its modular concept in making next year's flagship, the LG G6.

LG has no comment on the rumors yet, though an LG spokesman said that despite low sales on G5, the firm will still pursue the modular concept.

The LG G6 Expected Specs

The upcoming flagship device is expected to have a more premium look and quality compared to its predecessor. LG is rumored to come with a tempered glass back this time instead of maintaining the painted aluminum body of the G5.

Like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, wireless charging also in this device will be embedded directly in the handset unlike the wireless charging module in their previous flagship device. In terms of display, the LG G6 is said to using an OLED technology. However, another rumor suggests that it will be quite impossible to show up in G6 because it will not be ready for the device in time.

The new flagship has no official announcement yet regarding specifications and features, but the device is expected to arrive April next year in line with the launch dates of the two previous lead devices of the Korean tech company.

The LG G6 price is expected to have flagship cost, of course. It might be priced at around $650 like the previous G5's price at launch.

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