Brangelina Selling French Estate Chateau Miraval & Vineyards Following Split

Ex-Couple and Hollywood icons Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are saying au revoir to Château Miraval.

In case you were holding on to dear hope that Brad Pitt and Angelina could still fix things and work it out together; this is not going to happen in real life - or at least with the way things are going. The couple is giving up their expansive property that have 35 rooms, multiple vineyards, olive groves and a private lake - and a moat - in the stir of their divorce, according to US Weekly.

Pitt and Jolie exhanged marriage vows right at this wedding ground of 1,200-acre château in the town of Correns in 2014 - six years after acquiring it for an estimated value of $60 million.

Some structures on the property date to the 17th century and many consider that Saint Thomas Aquinas once spent days at the historic time, People reported in 2014.

Moreover, there are over 35 rooms in the main house. There are also several tenant residences on the building. The property has its own recording studio - where Pink Floyd recorded tracks for "The Wall" - and an award-winning vineyard.

Fans of the wine should get used to calling it a new brand name, however, as the Hollywood stars will be out of the vinification business once the estate sells. "It currently says 'Jolie-Pitt' on the Château Miraval bottles, and the next season's batch will have a new reprinted label with no names written on it," a source reveals.

On Sept. 14, Pitt and the separeted pair's eldest son Maddox, 15, were seemingly tangled in a mid-flight quarrel that is still under investigation by the Department of Children and Family Services and the FBI.

Pitt has yet to counter to "Maleficent" actress' divorce appeal in hopes of being granted joint custody of their six children.

It's been a month after Brangelina relationship was over and became a headline, it's starting to sink in that Hollywood's iconic couple from movies to real story is no more.

Hence, something tells us the value of any unsold bottles of Jolie-Pitt rosé valued antique!

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