American Vigilante Hacker 'The Jester' Defaces Russian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Website

The American vigilante hacker known as The Jester executed a cyber strike to the Russian ministry of foreign affairs on Friday night. The Jester's actions were reportedly in retaliation for the cyberattacks that Russian hackers, who were allegedly linked to Putin´s government, have initiated towards political sites in the U.S. to interfere with the ongoing 2016 presidential elections.

The Jester´s Message

Although it is not related to the White House, The Jester´s cyberattack might escalate tensions between the two nations, giving the fact that during the last months, there have been several scandals regarding the elections and Russia, including the WikiLeaks emails hack, and the U.S. blaming Russian spy agencies as the mastermind of the operation.

"Comrades! We interrupt regular scheduled Russian Foreign Affairs Website programming to bring you the following important message. Knock it off. You may be able to push around nations around you, but this is America. Nobody is impressed," The Jester, who was once dubbed as the "Batman of the internet," wrote on the Russian government ministry´s website as a message for everyone´s to see it, according to CNN Money.

The Jester´s Motivations

Although the letter is no longer on the website, it was visible until Saturday for everyone to see. The message represented The Jester´s declaration of war to the Putin administration, considering that this was a major attack to one of Russia's most representative websites. According to Digital Trends, anyone who visited it after the hack heard the annoying dial tone sound that usually plays during American emergency broadcast messages.

"I wanted to poke them in the eye and stop feeling like U.S.(sic) is just taking it on the chin. Again, I'm not gonna sit around watching these f----rs laughing at us. It's 4 a.m. in Moscow right now and a weekend. I'm hoping they can't fix the hole til Monday. Think of this as a professional courtesy, or if you prefer message from 'U.S.A. with Love," The Jester stated, according to CNN Money

The American vigilante hacker further stated that he initiated the cyberattack on the Russian site out of frustration over the massive DNS attacks last Friday, which crippled access to numerous websites in the United States. The hacker also stated that he only had to find a hole on the website´s computing code and injecting his own code on it.

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