Tesla To Incorporate All Units With NVIDIA Processors

Tesla motors announced that all of their vehicles, including the Model 3, would have the safety features needed to be road-worthy, and to achieve driving capabilities that could be greater than that of a human driver. The news was announced on October 19 and mentioned NVIDIA, a top graphics specialist, as a major partner in making the plans possible.

NVIDIA will provide hardware that includes its Titan graphics processor to handle the tasks with Tesla's self-driving capability. The NVIDIA Titan is one of the companies leading GPUs and one of the most expensive graphics cards on the market today.

"When you're preparing to launch a computing platform for self-driving cars, it is best to bring one of the leading voices in automotive innovation along for the ride," NVIDIA CEO and co-founder Jen Hsun- Huang mentioned in a keynote.

"We'll take autonomous cars for granted in a short time, I almost view it as a solved problem. We know what to do, and we'll be there in a few years," Tesla Motors and Space X CEO and co-founder, Elon Musk said, referring to the partnership with NVIDIA.

Musk is aware that autonomous cars will not come easily and predicts that regulators may not agree to allow self-driving cars for now. That is, of course, until manufacturers could provide compelling evidence that the cars are safer than the current driver-controlled vehicles.

Equipping more than reliable software and hardware, such as NVIDIA's Titan, is paramount to ensure the success of a safe and road-worthy self-driving car. If successful, Musk says that legislators may outlaw driven cars because they will be too dangerous in comparison to self-driving cars.

Both NVIDIA and Tesla Motors are working together for a more advanced, much safer future by providing self-driving vehicles that can react and decide instantaneously what the human mind can only dream to achieve.

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