Toyota Envisions A Hydrogen-Based Society, Furthers Development Of Hydrogen Vehicles

Toyota Motor Corporation will be selling fuel cell buses in Japan on early 2017. Over 100 fuel cell buses are also expected to be traveling within Tokyo in 2020. The said buses will be out on the road in time for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games.

The Japanese automaker also posted on its website that Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Bureau of Transportation will be using two of these hydrogen buses as for public transport routes. According to the Business Green, these type of bus named Toyota FC Bus is based on the automaker's fuel cell system. The said technology was previously developed for the hydrogen-fueled Mirai car.

Toyota's fuel cell technology is said to provide better energy efficiency than internal combustion engines. It also does not pose health and environmental concerns with the absence of CO2 emissions.

The Toyota FC Bus

Apparently, the Toyota FC Buses have already undergone field tests for practical use. The Toyota FC Bus is built with a capacity of 77 people: 26 seated, 50 standing and the driver. It is equipped with up to 10 tanks that can contain 600 liters of highly pressured Hydrogen.

According to Slash Gear, its 235 kWh of power is three times as much as that of the Tesla Model S battery.

The bus is also designed to have a high-capacity external power supply system. This means that the Toyota FC Bus can be used as an emergency power source. Natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes could cut off electricity. People will also be able to benefit in this way.

Toyota's Realization Of A Hydrogen-based Society

Toyota values the use of hydrogen as a source of energy. The automaker will also develop fuel cell forklifts and stationary fuel cells for use in homes. Toyota is keen on pursuing its vision of a hydrogen-based society. The introduction of the Toyota FC Bus will contribute to such realization.

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