Pixel Quick Review: Camera Samples, Speed Test, Torture Test

If you're planning to get a Pixel phone, there are a few things that you need to know about Google's latest flagship phone. First, its camera shots are on a par with Apple and Samsung's 2016 flagships. Second, it performs fast. Third, it's one of the most durable smartphones to date.

Google Pixel Quick Camera Review

The Pixel's arrival may already be "too late" since the market has already splurged on the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7. However, this doesn't mean that the Pixel can no longer make good sales. Apparently, the latest Google phone is one of the most competitive phones on the market right now. It comes with superb specs that can take on its strongest competitions. Even its non-dual cam can beat most of today's flagship phones.

Techno Buffalo conducted a quick camera review on the Pixel and the results are quite satisfying. As per the tech blog, Google Pixel's camera is on par with Samsung's S7 and Apple's iPhone 7. In fact, the Pixel's shooter is sometimes better than what Apple can offer with the iPhone 7. You can check out the camera samples here.

Google Pixel Speed Test

Google's Pixel phone is also not a downer when it comes to speed tests. It may not be faster than all of its competition, but it actually delivers a good performance. Tech Trinkets' comparison review of the Google Pixel and Galaxy S7 prove that even though the S7 is a hair faster than the Pixel, Google's 2016 flagship did not show a lag throughout the test. In fact, the Pixel is just as impressive as Samsung's S7.

Google Pixel Torture Test

Google Pixel's torture test results are far from disappointing. Like most premium phones, the Pixel's glass scratches with a level-6 scratching tool. The phone is basically safe from key scratches and the likes. The only possible drawback of the Pixel is its earpiece which is made of fabric. As expected, this part of the phone is easily destroyed by JerryRigEverything. Nonetheless, it may still be safe for day to day use.

If there's one big thing that the Google Pixel should be proud of is its sturdy body. As per GSM Arena, the Pixel is pretty hard to bend unlike the Nexus 6P. Bending the Pixel with the screen facing down actually showed zero flex, which is quite impressive.

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