Samsung Should Never Take The Note Series Away

Samsung Should Never Take The Note Series Away
Rumors suggest that Samsung might be discontinuing the Note series altogether and not everyone is happy about it. Photo : BBC News / YouTube

Recent reports saying that Samsung might be removing the Note brand altogether is quite alarming to its fans. Sure, the Note 7 failure is no joke, but is it really enough to make the company remove the brand once and for all? While Samsung hasn't really confirmed the cancellation rumors, fans can't help but be worried about their favorite phablet's fate.

Samsung Note Series Cancellation Rumors

Tech blog GSM Arena has reported a couple of weeks ago that Samsung might be considering a total cancellation of the Note series. A certain Russian site claimed that Samsung has conducted a survey and more than half of the survey-takers allegedly think that the Note name brings in negative connotations to consumers. While this remains unconfirmed, it's quite alarming to know that there is a possibility of a total Note series discontinuation.

Another tech-based blog Techno Buffalo also mentioned that Samsung may not only discontinue the Note series, the company might also stop producing a flagship phablet altogether. It was pointed out that Samsung's effort to maintain two flagships year after year might have been the culprit for the Note 7 quality assurance fail. To make sure that the Note 7 fiasco doesn't occur again, the company will allegedly focus on the Samsung S series alone.

Why Samsung Shouldn't Cancel The Note Series

The main reason why the Note series shouldn't be abolished all-in-all is because there is nothing like it in the market. Everything the Note phablet offers is hardly seen in other brands. The whole specs combo found on the Note 7 is barely found on other 2016 flagship phones. If you're a Note user from day one you'd know how hard it is to find another phone with a stylus and a very impressive display.

The fact that Samsung has put in so much improvement to the Note 7, we know that the company's future plans for the Note series are nothing but innovative. Cancelling all of it would be nothing but a waste of good technology. Sure, the Note 7 explosion controversy is a very serious matter, but does Samsung really have to dwell in it forever? Does the Note series really deserve to be a total outcast?

Samsung Note Series' Fate Still Uncertain

Samsung hasn't confirmed the cancellation rumors just yet. This may be because the rumor isn't true, or this could also be because even the company isn't certain about its plans for the Note series just yet. With that said, a re-brand is still in the picture and a postponement is likewise possible. What's making headlines now is that the Galaxy S8 will be released on time (February or March 2017).

Samsung might just be getting its plans together and the S8's sales will decide whether or not their reputation has actually been tainted by their 2016 controversy. With that said, the best way to deal with this matter is to wait for official announcements from Samsung. If August and September pass without a sight of a new phablet with stylus, then it may be a good time to question Samsung of its plans.

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