Microsoft Surface Phone: Why I'm Buying One

Microsoft Surface Phone: Why I'm Buying One
The Surface Phone could actually be Microsoft's best phone ever. Photo : MobySmartCat / YouTube

Microsoft might have always been a struggler when it comes to mobile phones. However, this doesn't always mean that they can't do better. In fact, their multiple failures might be their bridge towards success. That is of course, if they actually learn the right lessons from their previous letdowns. Needless to say, our expectations for the Surface Phone are quite high and we do hope that Microsoft is done wasting time and resources with their mobile phone fails.

Microsoft Surface Phone Expectations

All the rumors about the Surface Phone are quite impressive. As per Tech Times, the device would come in three variants and their RAM size will start at 4 GB. There was also news from Tech Radar saying that the Surface Phone's fingerprint scanner will be embedded on the display. While these rumored specs are all great, there is more to a mobile phone apart from its impressive specs sheet. The Lumia 950 and 950 XL came in with great internals but those didn't do a lot of things to increase the phones' sales. Apparently, people want more than just a hefty smartphone.

With the Surface Phone's alleged arrival, it's just fair to expect the phone to be on a par with its well-embraced Android and iOS competitions. Microsoft's Surface devices might be meant for a totally different market, but for them to make it as big as they can, they should also attract the larger audience. With that said, I do hope that the Surface Phone would have the premium look that most of today's consumers fall head over heels for. Jam-packing it with great features is also a pretty irresistible offer. Microsoft Continuum, MS Office and other Windows-only features are more than welcome to be included in the rumored Surface Phone.

Why Buying The Surface Phone Is A Good Idea

One of the best traits of the Surface Phone is its Continuum feature. Having the option to use your small device as a PC is not something you'd find in most smartphones. Also, the Surface Phone could include more new features from Microsoft. Since the phone will come from Microsoft's Surface team, it is expected that the phone will make it as big as the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

Right now, it's still uncertain what the company has in store for people awaiting the Surface Phone. However, it's almost certain that the development process of the phone is very intricate to make sure that the device would make it big this time. There's no reason for Microsoft to actually redo its mistake so it's safe to say that the company has something big planned for their next phone.

While it's obvious that I'm putting in so much fate on a company that hasn't proven its worth on the mobile phone division, I might be looking at it at an angle where Microsoft has never failed to bring in good technology in the computing division. Needless to say, it's still worth noting that the Surface Phone hasn't been confirmed yet. But so far, a bunch of rumors and leaks have already surfaced online in a span of one year.

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