Titanfall 2 Gameplay: Go Flawless With Hemlok BF-R Via Attrition Mode

A couple of days before Titanfall 2 hits consoles, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts (EA) released an exclusive pre-launch footage for the first-person shooter video game in Attrition mode. This multiplayer mode was confirmed late last month coming to Titanfall 2 after fans clamored for it. Go flawless with Hemlok BF-R via Attrition mode-15 kills, 0 deaths and 22 minion kills.

In an exclusive Titanfall 2 gameplay experienced by Byf, who is the man behind the well-known YouTube channel My Name is Byf, he outlined the course on his way to the end flawlessly with the use Hemlok BF-R (Burst-Fire Rifle) in Attrition. As many fans would know, the Attrition multi-player mode is the customary squad death match of AI-manipulated human and robot combatants in different teams.

Hemlock BF-R In Titanfall 2

Hemlok BF-R returns on Titanfall 2 as a Pilot anti-personnel burst fire assault rifle. It is a rock-solid mid-long weapon known for a massive damage it causes through accurate rapid shots, killing a Pilot in just four shots utmost. With this weapon, the best way for players to go is through a defensive play style.

Titanfall 2: The Best Expanded Arsenal

Titanfall 2 comes with a good amount of upgrades and new features ranging from the gameplay itself to weapons. It is important to take note that a horde of weapons have been rebalanced earlier this year. The game has the best weapons yet with its wide arsenal. New weapons include heavy weapons, battle rifles, night rifles, semi-automatic rifles, pistols, grenades, shotguns, machine guns, carbines, assault rifles and rocket launchers, among many others.

Additional Titans, More Features

The most promising additions in Titanfall 2 are likely the new Titans, which now totals to six. These frames-two heavy, two medium, two light-improve significantly the balancing of the game. Each of them has a distinct core. In Titanfall 2, players could no longer change their play style unlike the first installment. Fluidity is another hugely improved. At 60 fps, movements were drastically enhanced. On top of that, Phase-Shift is another notable Tactical addition where players can teleport to different dimension.

Titanfall 2 launches Friday, Oct. 28 PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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