Texas Baby Born Twice: Girl Gets Taken Out Of Womb, Then Placed Back Inside

By Sai , Oct 24, 2016 03:31 PM EDT

On her 16th week of pregnancy, after being diagnosed with a tumor mass, Margaret Boemer had to remove it before it could harm her and the baby. The tumor was found on the baby's tailbone during the usual ultrasound routine on Boemer's pregnancy.

According to The Sun, Little Lynlee Boemer's only hope of survival was through a medical procedure which basically means that the surgeons need to take her out of her mother's womb for only 20 minutes. It was reported that when was taken out, Little Lynlee weighs just 1lb 3oz.

After the said medical procedure, the baby was then put back inside her mom's uterus where she has remained for the next 12 weeks before she has finally went out to properly be reborn.

As experts would consider it, the miracle baby has already weighed 5lb 5oz the moment that she was reborn. Furthermore, little Lynlee was then taken to the nursery for a brief check up and as part of the standard operating procedures.

In one of Margaret's interview with the Texas Children's Hospital, WND has revealed that the doctors had seen something on the results of the scan; a condition known as sacrococcygeal teratoma- an unusual tumor that is usually common in female than in male babies.

Dr. Darrell Cass, the co director of the Texas Children's Foetal Centre, said that although Margaret Boemer's condition was the most common kind of tumor that is found on newborn, he claims that it's still a rare situation for them.

However, for little Lynlee's condition, Margaret has revealed that they really hadn't had much chance since the tumor was already shutting her heart down. Margaret has also added that in turn, it causes little Lynlee's situation to be in a state of cardiac failure, so it was really a huge risk for them.

As of the present time, little Lynlee is now at home with her family, safe and sound.

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