'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Demo Includes An Hour Of Gameplay And Not A Whole Lot Of Fun

With just weeks away from the official release of Nintendo's Pokemon Sun And Moon to the 3DS, fans couldn't get enough of the waiting game and the anticipation. The release of the demo just made them thirst for it all the more especially with a demo that fixes your Pokemon into Greninja. When the ultimate thing we want from Pokemon is catching them all - which is sadly taken away from the demo, fans just can't wait a day more.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Demo Is Less Than One Hour

Aside from a demo that's only less than one hour long, there's not a lot to do in this Pokemon Sun And Moon teaser. Players are not allowed to buy any items - all stores are closed - and they're not allowed to catch any Pokemon. This is the gripe of most players that downloaded and played through the demo.

It is the most fun as you would expect from a Pokemon game - excluding Pokemon GO of course - although the Team Skull makes for a great visually entertaining bunch, the demo is somewhat lackluster and failed to do what a demo should; which is to convince players that they should buy the whole game. Then again, Nintendo is not worried, as loyal fans of the franchise have been clamoring for a copy.

The main story of the demo involves the player going through the Ten Carat Hill trials. A simple trial quest that makes you search for four specific Pokemon - two Jangmo-os and two Hakamo-os - through the 'Poke Finder.' Once they detect you, they will attack, but it's easy to breeze through them with Greninja .

Convincing Players May Not Take Much

The demo fails as a demo. That being said, it might not take much to convince people to buy a copy of Pokemon Sun And Moon or a Nintendo 3DS itself. The company has been advertising the game non-stop through various social media platforms - and with a name as big as the Pokemon franchise, no one is worried. I personally can't wait to grab a copy of my own.

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