Google Has Been Granted Another Week To Respond To EU's AdSense Complaint

The European Commission has granted Alphabet unit Google another week to respond to the European Union's AdSense complaint. The deadline was supposed to be on Oct. 26. It has now been moved to Nov. 3. This has been revealed by the Commission's spokesperson Ricardo Cardoso.

European Commission Extends Google's Deadline

According to Reuters, Cardoso said in an email that Google had asked for additional time to review the case file documents. The European Commission considered the tech company's request. It eventually afforded Google to fully exercise its rights of defense by granting it.

This has become the second extension on this particular EU allegation. It will further push back the end of this case until 2017.

EU's AdSense Complaint

The European Union filed the said charge against Google back in July. This is only one among the other two antitrust cases that Google has to deal with. According to the Android Headlines, the issue of EU on the AdSense is the unfair advantage it poses against Google's competitions. Apparently, Google was found to prevent rivals in search advertising.

The AdSense for Search is being used to display ads on third-party websites and gain revenue from it. Users who use a website's search engine will encounter a search results page with certain advertisements. It is not surprising that EU took an issue about this. However, one is not enough as Google also has to respond to two other charges.

Other Complaints Of EU Against Google

Google won't have another week to respond to the allegation made by EU about its Android operating system. The deadline is still set on Oct 31. The tech company is also given until Nov. 7 to answer the accusation regarding its bias treatment of other shopping services compared to its own.

Google has already denied all of these complaints made against them.

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