PayPal Payments Confimations and Notifications Can Be Seen On Facebook Messenger

By Monica U Santos , Oct 25, 2016 04:18 AM EDT

PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating worldwide online payment methods. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

PayPal announced a deal early Monday in a blog that Facebook users can now use PayPal to make payments for some of the social network’s shopping features. You can also receive payment confirmations and other notifications through your Facebook messenger.

PayPal says that it has extended its relationship with Facebook and Messenger to make mobile e-commerce smarter, simpler, and more secure for both consumers and merchants.

"We will continue to execute on our vision of offering PayPal in more places where people shop online, in app and in-store by partnering with companies who share our desire to create meaningful products that benefit both consumers and merchants," said Bill Ready, PayPal's chief operating officer.

According to Ubergizmo, customers in the United States will no be able to get PayPal notifications via their Facebook Messenger. The company will make it easier for them to manage receipts for PayPal transactions in one place, which is the FB Messenger.

"Most of the tech ecosystem chooses to partner," said Ready. "Financial services are messy and difficult, and they have regulatory burdens and compliance issues. If you're not an expert in that space, it's burdensome to do so."

This means that aside from the existing partnership of PayPal to other company, we can expect, that soon, there will be more tech partners for PayPal to announce. Even there are still no leaks when will it be announced, this thing will definitely benefit customers around the world.

Messenger is starting to roll out now, this will enable PayPal merchants to accept PayPal payments directly in their Messenger bots. While all of this is limited to customers and merchants in the United States, it's quite likely that this new partnership and innovation will be eventually expanded to other markets where PayPal operates.


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