Henrik Fisker Reveals Image Of His Electric Car Ready To Take On Tesla

Tesla has recently held a successful event. Elon Musk is on his way to fulfill his vision of fully autonomous cars. However, famous automotive designer Henrik Fisker seems ready to take on Tesla. Fisker recently posted a sneak peek of an upcoming electric car. The image revealed the front of the car that can be Fisker's ticket ahead of Tesla.

Fisker's Yet Unnamed Electric Car

Business Insider has asked Fisker about the unclear image taken at night. He explained that it will have a radar and camera. The yet unnamed electric car is enabled to provide a future autonomous capability. Fisker added that his company Fisker Inc. is working with a supplier.

He added that they will offer an option of a fully autonomous car when it is already fully developed. Fisker Inc. will also wait for the approval of their supplier. Business Insider further reports that Fisker is planning to launch the electric car in the latter half of 2017.

The said date is also in part to wait for Fisker Nanotech's new battery technology that will be used in the electric car. The technology is currently being developed to allow a possible record of 400+ mile range. He also disclosed that the battery will not be the usual lithium ion. They will instead utilize a new graphene battery, according to Autoweek.

Fisker previously mentioned that the car will be made of carbon fiber and aluminum. He also boasted about a larger interior than its closest competitor. This is yet to be seen since the other tease he offered was the car's butterfly doors.

Fisker Acknowledges Tesla As Its Big Competition

Fisker has also told the Business Insider that it will have the same price as the Tesla Model S and cheaper than Tesla Model 3. Fisker does not shy away from the Tesla comparison. He has acknowledged that Tesla is a big competition in the premium market.

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