Buick First US Brand To Rank In Top 3 Of Consumer Reports Reliability Survey

Buick has broken into the top three of Consumer Reports' list of most reliable cars. This the first time since reliability survey was started that the American car band made it this high in the list.

Consumer Report ,a popular American magazine that talks about different consumer products, has conducted the Annual Auto Reliability Survey since the early 1980s. This is the first time in the survey's history that an American brand reached the third spot.

Consumer Reports director Jake Fisher said that Buick's accomplishment is "commendable and sure to be a wake-up call to other manufacturers".

"One reason why the brand has been able to leapfrog others in the General Motors' stable has been its limited vehicle lineup," Fisher continued. In a report, Fisher also said that he believes the negative reception of Cadillac and Chevrolet's pickups and truck-based SUVs pave the way for Buick to overtake them.

Buick is owned by General Motors, a US company.

Lexus and Toyota, who are at one and two in the list, respectively, have managed to stay on top of the annual study in the last four years. Audi falls down one spot to number four while Kia improves to claim the fifth spot. Mazda, Hyundai and Infiniti grabs the next three spots while BMW and Honda rounded out the top ten.

Subaru and Tesla dropped out of the top ten. Tesla is currently embroiled in a bit of controversy after some issues with their autopilot or autonomous driving feature.

There are 29 car brands today and seven of them that made the top ten were from Asia.

The rankings are based on a survey conducted by the magazine with the help of their subscribers. The subscribers describe their experiences with their new cars over the past three years to determine the vehicles' reliability.

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