Lady Gaga Loves 'Pokemon'? Behind-The-Scenes Video For 'Joanne' Shows 'Perfect Illusion' Singer Might Be A Closet Otaku

Lady Gaga's latest album "Joanne" may not be getting a lot of glowing reviews but many Japanese pop culture fans were excited to see that the American pop star may also be one of them. In a recent video showcasing behind the scenes footage for "Joanne," there was a shrine of collectibles and various items from the Japanese anime scattered all over the place.

Lady Gaga's Little Monsters

As part of the promotion for her fifth full-length album, Lady Gaga released a behind-the-scenes footage for "A-Yo," one of the singles from her new album "Joanne." The art pop singer decided to adopt another persona for her new album. However, the thing that surprised those who watched the first episode of "Making Joanne" was the yellow hat with a Pokeball that she wore while grooving to the music and taking selfies. Aside from the cap, one of the men in her crew wore a Fennekin mask. The presence of Victreebel and Pikachu on the wall has also been noted by "Pokemon" fans.

Lady Gaga's fan base is coincidentally called "Little Monsters" which seems to reinforce the fact that the singer could be a "Pokemon" fan. Aside from the Pokemon characters, fans also spotted some anime characters including Jibanyan, the red and white cat from "Yokai Watch", "Dragon Quest's mascot" Slime, and the "Fairy Tail" Guild member Happy.

The studio where the footage was taken seems to pay homage to Japanese pop culture as noted in some reports. However, it is unclear whether the six-time Grammy winner loves anime or the studio belongs to someone who has a fondness for it.

Persistent "Pokemon" Influences

Lady Gaga is not the first artist rumored to have a fondness for "Pokemon" characters. The latest video released by Maroon 5 for their song "Don't Wanna Know" was highly influenced by "Pokemon Go" and the band's lead vocalist Adam Levine was wearing a costume which has an uncanny resemblance to Squirtle.

With Lady Gaga's diverse personality, it wouldn't be out of character if she embraced Japanese pop culture. Her latest album "Joanne" was released on Friday, Oct. 21 and is currently makings its way to the top of music charts.

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