iPhone 8 Clone To Come? Xiaomi Mi Mix Rumored To Be Similar With Apple's Next Flagship

Xiaomi's new phone, the Mi Mix has just been revealed and is expected to be available in the market next month. Rumor is spreading that the Mi Mix is a rough preview of what Apple's iPhone 8 would look like.

According to The Verge, Xiaomi, the former darling of the Chinese smartphone market, has launched a spectacular new smartphone called the Mi Mix. And according to GSM Arena, the said phone is expected to be available in the market this November 4. Mi Mix specs and features are also listed there.

Though the Mi Mix is a 6.4-inch mobile behemoth notable for its practical bezel-free screen and ceramic back that comes with optional 18-karat gold accents, it's only difference from the current smartphones that are available in the market is the engineering required to remove the top bezel's sensor and earpiece. And with that in mind, critics believe that the Mi Mix exterior design is what Apple's iPhone 8 would probably look like.

It is common knowledge that Apple did not really push its development with the iPhone7 and was saving its next big redesign for the upcoming 10th anniversary of iPhone. But critics say that there are only few design options that Apple can choose from.

Making the iPhone thinner will not be much of a change. Adding a curve look as what Samsung did with the Galaxy Round could be a possibility, but that approach is something the critics don't see Apple doing. And plus, Apple's way has usually been to tie alterations in form to functional advantages, at least in the way it markets them. The only thing that can really be upgraded or optimized in the existing iPhone's exterior design are the materials and the screen bezels.

Another possible thing that makes the critics believe that the Mi Mix is the rough preview of iPhone 8 is the iPhone's bezels. It is rumored that Apple will remove the mechanical home button. The technology now exists to integrate fingerprint identification into the display, and together with things like the ultrasound proximity sensor of the Mi Mix, it's clear that Apple can go almost bezel-less for its next smartphone.

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