Drake, OVO, 6 God, Celebrates Its Birthday With A Bang, New Songs Are Dope

The multi-awarded rapper from Toronto Canada just turned 30; and he sure knows how to celebrate his birthday.

Drake, OVO, 6 God, Champagne Papi, whatever you call him, is literally changing the rules of the game. In a recent interview, the talented rapper said that he still remembers when he was at the bottom. He tried to convince a lot of his friends that he got the skills to spit fire but was never given an opportunity.

Drake tried to sneak in and tried to befriend some of the local artists but with no apparent reason, they hated him. He was on the verge of breaking down as he narrated and almost stopped in doing what he loves. On the same timeline, Drake got dumped by her longtime girlfriend; which inspired him to write a classic style of rap poetry.

Soon after, he was discovered and he made sure that the rap world notices him. After its first album, Drake was not only making buzz in the rap world but all over the music industry. The artist showed that he is capable of adjusting in any topic that is given to him.

He can write songs about making love, about falling in love, and about breaking apart because of love. He can also compose a destructible dissed to any artist who has a beef with him. Champagne Papi already collaborated with the best of them and he's not yet finished.

On his birthday, he showed the love he has for his fans. Drake just released his new album and for those lucky fans who are in attendance that night, Drake played half of his new track. The fans were overwhelmed with the gesture of Drake. A lot of fans were reportedly sobbing because they saw how genuine Drake was when he was singing his new songs.

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