Here's Everything Clash Of Clans Halloween Update Introduced

Looks like the rumors about Clash of Clans getting a Halloween setup are true, as Supercell recently introduced it. Well, it's really inevitable. After all, it proved to be a fun update last year, so it's only right for the studio to move forward with such. Along with the updates arrival, new features and improvements can be noticed. Here they are in a nutshell!

Troop Contents In Clash Of Clans

Believe it or not, troop contents can now be in Clash of Clans. In order to display them in the phone's screen, players just simply need to long press the Clan Castle's troops icon (Closed). And once it's done, clans can easily wage war against other clan mates as soon as the Friendly War invites have been given.

The 450 Gems Trick In Clash Of Clans

A die-hard fan of Clash of Clans was able to acquire a trick following the Halloween update. This trick, in one way or another, has given him a total of 450 gems in just a short period of time. First off, players need to unlock the 4th builder, one that'll require them to train a set of Archer troops. Next, after the training is completed, they need to start attacking -- which should be done when in multiplayer mode and/or war.

Where the Clash of Clans Town Hall is visible, players must click the ground where it's situated. After that, all the troops must be unleashed so as to jumpstart the attack. It's worth noting that players need not to wait for full destruction, as it may tend to take a good amount of time. If the level of attack or destroy seems to be acceptable enough, the battle must be ended right away. And viola, a notification pops up, stating that 450 Gems have been acquired following the 1250 trophy victories.

Boosting And Brewing In Clash Of Clans

Among the greatest things in the Clash of Clans Halloween update is the boost Supercell did. Fans can now boost spells simply by utilizing not two but one gem. Apart from that, training those Skeleton spells won't be a burden. Why? That's because they're now cheaper and lot faster than before. This was revealed via the game's official Twitter account.

What are your thoughts on Clash of Clans Halloween update? Have you tried the gem trick already? What can you say about the new gigs Supercell introduced? Be sure to share us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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