Batman: Akham City Remastered Has Unlocked Frame Rate

Batman: Return to Arkham has been released recently and fans are surely busy taking notes on how much effort the developers are putting into remastering the first two titles of the Arkham series. In relation to the topic, some people at Digital Foundry just recently conducted a graphics comparison for the remastered versions of Batman: Arkham City. The said test compares the two console version of the title. As a result, they found out that both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions lack a cap on the frame rate.

According to Game Rant, the graphics comparison trailer made by Digital Foundry reveals that both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 applies a dynamic resolution, however, keeping the x-axis at 1080p. With that notion, the resolution of Batman Arkham City drops as low as 1600x1080 on PS4 while 1024x1080 on Xbox One depending on the scene where the player reaches.

In addition, both copies of Batman Arkham City vary widely from scene to scene and across different versions when addressing particularly on the frame rates. As reported, both of the iterations had their frame rates unlocked. While PS4 grants fans a much higher frame rate compared to its rival platform.

Based on the report from VG247, Batman Arkham City may drop its frame rate as low as 20fps on some areas of the game while PlayStation 4 version occasionally reaches 60fps. It was discovered that the average frame rate will run around 30-35 fps. As for the Xbox One version, frame rates are lower entirely. However, Microsoft did somehow manage to match PlayStation 4's output in some instances.

These discoveries from Digital Foundry regarding the frame rates of Batman Arkham City remastered might be disappointing for the fans. Some players were also surprised since the title previously released a solid graphics comparison trailer.

Nonetheless, it seems like the developers are focusing mainly on enhancing the graphics, textures, colors and visual fidelity without ensuring a steady frame rate on both of the games.  Apparently, it seems like there is a possibility of Batman: Return to Arkham to receive a patch in order to address the current issue. However, there are no further details if such update will happen. 


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