Pokemon Go Update: Daily Quest System Arriving? Data Mine Leaks A New Feature

Even though Pokemon Go lost some of its hype, players are still actively shopping for new findings on each and every update made by Niantic. Data mine is one effective way to discover new things. These data miners previously revealed some leakage regarding the upcoming feature additions to the game. However, the only thing that we knew is that the codes are just there waiting to be implemented.

According to Game Rant, Pokemon Go shares a roller coaster ride since the day it was released. It was the most hyped mobile game this year. But, Niantic made some poor decisions causing the game to decline. Nonetheless, developers are still adding some new features via semi-regular updates which maintains the morale of the remaining active players. The recent known Pokemon Go addition is the colors and patterns to the eggs, so that players will be able to distinguish them easily.

Based on the Dataminers at Pokemon Go Hub, it seems like there are more exciting codes hidden behind the scenes that dwell on the latest update. It is still on a speculation stage at this point. However, if the dataminers are accurate enough, a daily quest system might arrive soon. According to the mined codes, the daily quest is consists of three different types.

Translating the mined codes line by line mentions that there will be three types of quests namely first catch of the day, first PokeStop visit of the day and one unknown quest. It seems like the third daily quest will change every single day. Unfortunately, there are no specifics as to what kind of rewards these daily quests will offer. The code does display an Egg Incubator which is only obtainable though the shop. However, it is still unclear if the incubators are a reward.

Regardless, the daily quests could still be a huge leap for Pokemon Go as it heads to the right direction. Although the game is still generating 2 million dollars a day, several players are slowly losing motivation to log in and play the game daily. 


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