Google's Eyefluence Purchase Adds Fuel To A Rumored Wireless VR Headset With Eye-Tracking Technology

Google has recently unveiled its Daydream View VR. The said mobile VR offering will be available next month. It definitely does not compare to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. However, the tech giant may be developing an exciting product with regards to VR technology. Google has purchased the eye-tracking developer Eyefluence. This adds fuel to a rumored Google wireless VR headset equipped with eye-tracking technology.

What Google's Eyefluence Acquisition Means?

Eyefluence has proudly revealed that it has been acquired by Google. The recent announcement in its own website means a lot to Google's further venture in the VR market. The said acquisition makes a lot of sense for Google's next VR headsets that could take on Oculus and HTC.

TechCrunch has also seen the significance of what Eyefluence can offer Google. According to its report, Eyefluence has devoted itself to using eye gesture cues to navigating menus and making selections. Its technology allows users to basically perform commands through eye movements.

The eyes will serve as the mouse when compared to a desktop computer. Other uses also include foveated rendering.

Google's Wireless VR Headset Equipped With Eye-tracking Tech

Engadget has previously reported that Google will be having a new headset. Apparently, sources familiar with the matter have revealed to Engadget that the said device will be integrated with eye-tracking technology. These people further disclosed that it will also use sensors and algorithms to map out the real-world space.

To put it simply, the said technology will enable the VR headset to display digital and real world objects.

Sources have also mentioned that this particular Google VR headset will not be dependent on a computer or phone to power it. The Drum has already reported that Google has been testing a prototype wireless VR device. In fact, it could have passed through the Federal Communications Commission's approval process. However, this has not been confirmed by Google.

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