Nintendo Switch Purchase: Sold As A Set, No Handheld Only

Nintendo Switch will only be sold as a whole set during its launch. That means customers cannot buy the handheld unit only.

Nintendo Switch: Buy The Whole Set

Nintendo intends at least initially, to sell the Switch as set. Buyers may be given the option of getting the handset units only but probably at a later date. This was the information gathered by Let's Play Video Games.

The Nintendo Switch has been unveiled on October 20. The video clip confirmed many of the earlier rumors although some of the technical aspects remained unclear. Its main selling point however, is the console -handheld combo feature of the upcoming game platform. The main units of the Switch are the dock and handheld system. The handheld device includes a tablet and two Joy-Con conrollers.

The dock is necessary to connect the gaming platform to the television sets. But the handheld is a standalone unit that could be used for mobile games. Apparently, there has been concerns that people who will only buy the handheld unit may not realized that they need the dock to connect to their TV. On that matter, Nintendo has no intention yet of making it possible for the handheld to be directly connected to the TV set.

Nintendo has yet to reveal the final retail price of the Switch but it's already expected to be a pricey gaming hardware. Buying the handheld device without the dock is a cheaper alternative for many Nintendo Switch customers.

Nintendo Switch Release Date, Price

The Nintendo Switch is expected to be available to all major retail outlets on March 2017. Online retailers may offer the upcoming game platform in advance. The retail price has not been officially announced but the price may range from $300 to $400 depending if it's a basic unit or bundled with games. It's possible that the games may include a Zelda, Mario or both titles.

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