PlayStation 4 Hack To Run On Linux; Sony Patch Exploit?

A PlayStation 4 has been reportedly hacked to run on Linux by a Chinese based online security firm. However, there have been reports that Sony has also taken measures to counter the exploit.

PlayStation 4 Hacking Exploit Revealed

The PlayStation 4 hacking demo was recently shown in the GeekPwn conference held in Shanghai. The Chinese hackers were able to run the PS4 using the 4.01 firmware. The hacking exploit was made possible by a Webkit browser. The video demo however, has no English subtitle and heavily edited particularly to the part where they inject the exploit.

They did show the PS4 running the Linux command line. The presenters then proceeded to play a Super Mario game using the hacked PS4. It is most likely that the PlayStation 4 hacking demo is real. This is not the first time though the PS4 has been hacked. A hacker group calling themselves fail0verflow had shown how they hack a PS4 with Linux earlier this year. The vulnerabilities they exploited however, has been patched up by Sony.

Benefits of Hacking PlayStation To Run On Linux

Hacking a PlayStation 4 to run on Linux is not easy and the benefits seemed meager. But it can allow Linux games to run on it. Even SteamOS games can also be downloaded and played on the hacked PS4 if the driver problems are figured out. The demo however, has yet to show a fully working Linux desktop on the hacked PS4. There are also concerns that the exploited PS4 may be used in piracy.

Sony Patches Firmware Exploits

The group behind the PS4 firmware 4.01 exploit is, a Chinese based company that specializes in online security. It is highly doubtful that the company is going to release this particular exploit. By the way, Sony has also updated the PlayStation's firmware to 4.05. This practically makes the recent exploit useless to PS 4 that have been upgraded to 4.05.

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