Elite: Dangerous - Horizons 2.2 Update Goes Live, Brings Fighters, Surface Features And More

Elite: Dangerous Horizons 2.2 also known as The Guardians update 1.7 is already available. The update includes Fighters, new surface features and geological features. There will also be new creatures, more unusual things and passenger modules. These inclusions on the update will have a big effect on the gameplay.

What's New On The Guardians Update 1.7?

According to Polygon, The Guardians update 1.7 or Elite:Dangerous Horizons 2.2 will have a big impact on the gameplay of the game. Also, the game added a new fighter plane that is similar to the plane last year. The update will allow the players to unravel mysteries about aliens.

The Elite: Dangerous Horizons 2.2 update is all about the planes that will be able to launch smaller ships. The players have the choice of having a non-player character (NPC) pilot the Fighters or controlling the plane themselves.

The update will also add some new Surface Features. Players will see the new earthly designs in the game such as geysers and fumeroles, in a report on PC Gamer. It also included a new career path for the player. The player can carry passengers on his plane and improve his career path and meet dangerous and elite characters around the 400 billion star systems along the Milky Way galaxy.

"Commanders can pilot the new Beluga passenger vessel or retrofit their existing craft to transport politicians, VIPs and prisoners across the galaxy for legal and illegal ends," Frontier Developments said. "Spectacular destinations await galactic tourists and dangerous challenges await undercover operatives on smuggler's runs."

Curious About Elite: Dangerous Horizons Thargoids?

Elite: Dangerous Horizons 2.2 or The Guardians update 1.7 has featured the Thargoids even before. The developer has eyes on the aliens because they give the players another perspective of the game. However, Frontier Developments are still keeping it to themselves who or what are the Thargoids are.

"Nobody at Frontier knows what Thargoids are. Any in-game sightings of unidentified craft are just that: unidentified craft," a representative of the company explained. The players have to keep on playing before they get any answers from the creator.

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