UFO Mothership Found Parked On The Moon, NASA Photos Released

A UFO hunter claims to have spotted a gigantic 10-kilometer UFO alien mothership parked on the Moon's surface. The alien ship looks like the USS Voyager from Star Trek.

In an Apollo 15 image accidentally released by NASA, UFO hunter Scott Waring said that there is a UFO mothership docked about 10 kilometers long on the surface of the Earth's satellite. According to him, NASA never intended to release the said image because of the evidence of alien technology on the lunar surface that it contains, but the image was released due to a human error.

The UFO mothership was spotted parked or probably abandoned near the Waterman Crater on the far side of the Moon. Waring said that the sky watchers have not been able to fully view the massive UFO mothership parked at the edge of Waterman Crater because the other side of the Moon cannot be viewed directly when you are from the Earth.

However, Waring believes that NASA has known about this UFO mothership for years since the Apollo 15 mission. But the agency had covered up the information to leak or release photos showing the crater and the gigantic alien UFO mothership parked near it.

The NASA employee who released the photo evidently did not realize that he was releasing a classified Apollo 15 image showing a gigantic alien spacecraft on the far side of the Moon, some UFO hunters speculated. Other UFO hunters voiced suspicion that the employee could have been acting deliberately as a whistleblower.

The panoramic image from Inquisitr, from the Apollo 15 mission shows the gigantic UFO mothership parked near the Waterman Crater in the vicinity of the 185-kilometer Tsiolkovskiy crater.

There is no way these disks are satellites. First off, satellites won't be side by side for risk of crashing into on another and destroy each other. Second, we don't see any arms or solar panels to collect energy or transmit messages. Therefore, these are actual UFOs, flying in military style, because they are flying with a wingman, to keep each other out possible trouble. These two...are prepared to fight, and that worries me.

According to Waring, the accidental exposure gives insight into why NASA canceled Apollo mission 18 through 20. Although the agency claims that the missions were canceled because of lack of funds. UFO hunters are suspecting that the aliens that has UFO mothership parked on the moon occupied the whole area and believes that they are not allowing people to step on the moon again because it is already their own.


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