Brad Pitt Divorce Saga Still Continues, Pop Star Princess Selena Gomez Already Fed Up With Her Involvement

Was Selena Gomez to Blame for Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Divorce?
The Brangelina Divorce Saga just added another character in the name of Selena Gomez Photo : Hollyscoop / YouTube

The troubled star just couldn't get a break. She is already in the rehab facility to have peace of mind; but still a lot of issues continue too hound and haunt her.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce is still one of the most shocking breakups in history. The power couple was perceived by the public as the "perfect" couple but it turns out, they are just humans like us. There are a lot of things and people who are already involved in their divorce. Some are actually staying out of it like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner.

When it comes to their divorce updates, Brad Pitt haven't signed the papers yet. He chimed about their divorce and it's just causing more problems than solutions. Also, the divorce led to a rocky confrontation between him and his son Maddox, which was later fixed when Brad Pitt approached and arranged a meeting with him.

Who Is Having The Worst Part Of The Divorce?

It might sound weird but this one is actually true. Selena Gomez is getting the worst part of the divorce. The former Disney Princess who is still in the rehab facility is again making the news. Multiple reports states that Selena is the culprit of Brangelina's divorce. At first, Selena just ignored it but day by day, this has become more annoying.

Selena Gomez and Brad Pitt made headlines before because of the alleged flirty encounter early this year. Thus, involving Selena on Brad and Angelina saga. She was not the only artist involved in the divorce issue. The first name who was involved was her co-star in his past movie Marion Cotillard, which the actress denied. And of course, Jennifer Aniston is also in the mix because she was Brad's ex wife.

Aniston also visited Selena Gomez in the rehab facility; which some of the media speculates that Jennifer is trying to teach Selena on how to handle the issue that is being thrown at her. There were no specific reasons why Aniston visited Selena but the rumors are already in.

Reports say that Angelina Jolie found photos on his phone with everyone from flight attendants to biker babes at a motorcycle convention to Hollywood ingenues like Selena Gomez," the pictures led to a "blowout fight" between them. "She understands why women want to meet him, but why would he have photos with these random women?" the source asked.

Selena Gomez and Brad Pitt spent time together at this year's Golden Globe Awards. They were seen sitting together in a red couch. They snapped some pictures together, talked a lot and visibly enjoying each others comfort. This is not the first time that Selena was involved in a nasty split. Remember Sofia Richie - Justin Bieber - Selena Gomez twitter war?

The celebrity life is never easy and not all about glam - Selena Gomez is a testament of it. She already tried to stay away from the spotlight but it kept on chasing her. Let's just hope that the pop princess will have a speedy recovery in dealing with her health issues.

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